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  • Plantpea Zn/Mn Plus It is a product formulated with plant extracts and an addition of several Trace Elements such as Copper, Zinc and Manganese, which make it a product with multiple uses.


    Plantpea Zn/Mn Plus It is characterized by being a POWERFUL SELF-DEFENSE INDUCTOR. Due to its formulation, it has a systemic effect that generates movement of sap from the root to the aerial part of the plants. This effect helps strengthen the plant and helps it to overcome pathogenic fungal attacks. Plantpea Zn/Mn Plus “is NOT a Fungicide”.



    • Technical sheet, click HERE.
    • Safety Sheet, click HERE.


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  • Siliorgan It is a defense inducer that contains silicon in its composition.


    It contains polymers, natural, organic silicates that protect the plant from pathogen attacks, it has an acidic pH that allows correcting alkaline soils and improving the chemical, physical and biological conditions of the rhizosphere.


    In foliar applications, which must be carried out first thing in the morning or at nightfall, it improves the quality of the fruit, increasing its firmness and avoiding burns due to the effect of solar radiation.


    Siliorgan promotes the best absorption of phosphorus and iron present in the soil as well as calcium and other microelements that are absorbed by plants.


    The product has the security and guarantee that it does not stain the fruit and improves the quantity and quality of the harvest.



    • Technical sheet: click HERE.
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