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SNAIL It is a liquid formulation obtained through our BIOCAT-EC technology, through which it increases the resistance of crops to biotic and abiotic stress, such as high and low temperatures, wind, high concentrations of salts and heavy metals, hydrocarbons, insects. , fungi, diseases; and strengthens the storage and distribution capacity of carbohydrates required for plant growth.


SNAIL It acts as a biomechanical barrier that controls by contact causing dehydration, and the destruction of the oral system and digestive system, the snail pests that invade the rice crop, in this case, applying it directly to the water.


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SNAIL presents the following benefits when applying:

  • Stabilizes the physiological functioning of the plant.
  • Reduces biotic and abiotic stress.
  • Decreases leaching levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
  • It significantly reduces the coefficient of severity of the different types of pests: insects, mollusks, etc.
  • It does not generate resistance.


SNAIL It also has important environmental characteristics, since it has zero toxicity for higher animals, it is harmless for man, animals, beneficial arthropods, bees, bumblebees and water contamination is not possible.


To DOWNLOAD the Data sheet, click HERE.

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