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Htop Ca/B/Zn – conventional use

Htop Ca-B-Zn is a fully soluble and assimilable liquid organomineral Calcium, Boron and Zinc fertilizer, formulated with our BIOCAT-EC biotechnology, where from plant organic matter it allows to obtain a rich source of fulvic acids, polycarboxylic acids and lignosulfonates that facilitate complexing of the micro elements of the calcium boron and zinc which, when applied to the soil or in a foliar way, allow plants to absorb them quickly and efficiently.


Calcium provides mechanical resistance and elasticity to tissues due to the fact that it facilitates the formation of Calcium Pectates, for the protection of plant tissues at the cellular level.


Zinc influences the formation of tryptophan, an auxin-promoting amino acid.



Technical Sheet: click HERE.

Safety Sheet: click HERE.

Htop Ca-B-Zn benefits:

  • Promotes the formation of roots.
  • Increases the mobility and absorption of Calcium, Boron and Zinc in the plant.
  • It influences the formation of protein synthesis necessary for the generation of chloroplasts.
  • It allows the egg to set for the excellent development of the fruit or seed.
  • Inducer of root growth, flowering and flower and fruit set
  • Increases the weight, size and post-harvest life of the fruits.


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