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Htop Mg/S – organic use

Htop Mg / S is a liquid organic biostimulant made from chlorinated marine algae, Magnesium and Sulphur, totally soluble and assimilable by the plant.


Fulvic acids, polycarboxylic acids and lignosulfonates in this formulation are obtained from plant organic matter, which contains lignin, alcohols and sugars that allow us to form complexes or chelates, as the case may be, with macro and micro nutrients, and when applied to the ground or foliar allow the plants to absorb all the elements quickly and efficiently.


Htop Mg/S, is highly specific for the activation of enzymatic processes and with an important action on the physiological processes of plants, since Magnesium is part of the structure of chlorophyll and is involved in energy metabolism (ATP). Participates in photosynthesis, intervening in the formation of carbohydrates (starch and sugars).


Htop Mg/S it advances the development of plants, favors their maturation and its intervention in fruiting is very important. Htop Mg/S It is specially developed for the preventive and curative control of Magnesium deficiencies that are manifested in acidic, sandy soils or in the presence of antagonistic elements. It is advisable to apply it during sprouting and in the growing stages of the crop. Do not apply it during flowering.



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